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In  August 2016 local residents formed the Winsley Hill Traffic Action Group (WHTAG) in order to address concerns about traffic on the B3108 in the vicinity of bridge 175. The B3108 is on a main bus route and is a busy road being a main route from Bradford-on-Avon and Trowbridge to Bath. Our main concerns were:

  1. Lack of pedestrian footpath  between the canal and river bridges
  2. Lack of pedestrian footpath over the canal bridge 
  3. Excess speed of vehicles along a stretch of road that has a number of blind bends making it dangerous for all road users and particularly difficult for residents to exit from their driveways

Where we are now...

Objective 1)  We are pleased to report that after 18 months lobbying and working with Winsley Parish council our first objective has been met with the creation of a new pedestrian pathway (see photo above left). Read more ...

Objective 2) Having explored all other options we are now in the process of planning a pedestrian bridge over the canal - this is our Bridge@175 project which in Oct 2019 became a registered charity (no. 1185881)

Objective 3) Lobbying for a reduction in speed is ongoing.

Account from a local resident:

'... I was driving down Winsley Hill and saw a man on a mobility scooter stuck before a parked car on the footpath and unable to cross the verge onto the road. Two pedestrians stopped, helped him off the scooter, manhandled it over the verge and helped him remount and go on his way.'

Next Steps...

A Pedestrian bridge - BRIDGE@175

Wiltshire Highways ruled out the possibility of a pedestrian pavement over the canal bridge as it is only the minimum width (6m) for a carriageway. Single file traffic is also not possible due to insufficient sightline for drivers. Consequently, the only safe alternative is  a pedestrian bridge beside the existing stone bridge. As Wiltshire Highways cannot fund this, we are fundraising for the bridge ourselves.

Read more about this... 

Speed reduction 

The Parish Council have been supportive of the need to address concerns about the speed limit not just down Winsley Hill but along the whole length of road from the roundabout at the junction of Bradford Road.

Read more about this  ...

Latest News

Charitable Status

Great news! Bridge@175 has now been awarded registered charity status! Reg. no. 1185881 ...
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News: ‘Official’ opening of new pedestrian pathway

There will be an 'official' opening by Cllr Johnny Kidney at 2.30 pm on Wednesday 31st July. Celebratory drinks and ...
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News: Opening of new pedestrian pathway

After three weeks of road works the new pedestrian pathway is finished - and we think it looks great! WHTAG ...
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News: Substantive bid for road safety improvements accepted

The Substantive Bid for funding to undertake road safety related works both east and west of the canal bridge was ...
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Quiz Night & Supper at The Seven Stars, Winsley

Monday 14 January  2019: 7.30 pm The Seven Stars are generously supporting the work of Winsley Hill Traffic Action Group ...
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Barn Dance in Winsley Village Hall

Barn Dance with Ploughman's Supper Saturday 3 Nov 2018: 6 pm - 10 pm Get your dance shoes on and ...
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